Monday, October 12, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Great menus planned this week!
  • Baked rigatoni with garlic & cheese drop biscuits
  • Hot dogs with potato salad and fruit
  • Turkey Potato Pie with broccoli
  • Pasta Salad -- going Greek by adding some feta cheese and keeping it cool-weather oriented by making it a warm pasta salad; probably some baby carrots on the side
  • Salmon (??? don't know how yet) with baked potatoes and baby carrots


  1. I love feta....yum-o.

    Great variety!! We are so just pasta and chicken around here, because it's cheap. Please post the rigatoni recipe, if you don't mind! It sounds yummy!!

  2. Devon, I'll be posting that recipe later today or tomorrow. Sorry for the delay!