Monday, October 5, 2009

Menu Plan Monday,

Meals for the week include:
  • salmon with a honey-mustard sauce with brown rice and mixed vegetables
  • bone chicken with sweet potatoes and corn -- Bone Chicken is my daughter's name for chicken drumsticks or fried chicken, both of which we rarely eat and both of which she adores. This chicken will be rolled in breadcrumbs, parm cheese, and spices and then baked.
  • baked rigatoni with garlic bread
And leftover from last week b/c we never got around to eating it...
  • chicken in a balsamic-based marinade with roasted red potatoes and broccoli
It doesn't seem like a lot of food, but 2 of the meals make enough for 2 night's worth and usually there's a night where I either don't cook because we need to eat the leftovers or, if there are no leftovers, then I make something fun like breakfast for dinner.

This week I'm switching from salads (it's officially too cold to enjoy them anymore) to roasted vegetables. I'll alternate with vegetable soup, baked potatoes, and baked sweet potatoes.

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