Sunday, October 4, 2009

Divine Goodness

Next week my daughter's school will host a bake sale of sorts. It's a bit more involved than the ol' cookies or brownie in a zippy bag. It's whole cakes and brownies and batches of cookies. I have recently discovered, after many younger years of adoration, that I detest store-bought icing. I'm not sure when the distaste started as I can't recall in the past 5 years purchasing icing. I made chocolate icing the last time I needed it and it was decent enough. I guess I'm just not that into icing any more.

Welcome chocolate ganache! Better than icing, not quite like a pourable fudge. It's like the best of everything. In fact, you only need 2 ingredients to make it -- chocolate chips and heavy whipping cream.

Isn't it pretty!

For the "dry run" for the bake sale I made a yellow cake -- box mix style, but next week I promise make a scratch cake. I made the chocolate ganache and got it to the pourable temperature. FYI, I didn't use a thermometer or anyting; I just kept checking it until it seemed pourable. I then topped the ganache with partially thawed raspberries. The warmth of the ganache finished the thawing process and that's how I got the suprising, but lovely red raspberry juice streaks all over the cake.


  1. Looks beautiful and I bet it tasted awesome.

  2. Tasted is the operative word as it's gone now.... LOL