Thursday, October 1, 2009

Favorite Meal of the Week: Pizza

Ever have one of those days? We did. I did. It was not the best of times. I'm very fortunate that generally we do not buy food out and that keeps the food bill pretty low. I usually keep frozen pizza around and I'm hoping to learn how to make pizza myself in the somewhat near future. But tonight we all needed a break and because my day had been so rough we splurged and spent $12 on 2 medium 1 topping pizzas from the only place in town that makes them! With a town of only 978 people we're lucky to have the 1 place, so I'm grateful.

I hope that everyone is as lucky as I am to have a spouse that supports when you're down. Mine did. And here's what's left of dinner in all its greasy gooey goodness!


  1. Hey, it happens. No reason you can't splurge once in a while. Besides, it looks like you have enough left for lunch!

  2. Love love love pizza. We get a three pack at Sams for those nights where cooking a real dinner is just out of my capabilities.