Wednesday, November 11, 2009

$1.09 / lb Pork Loin Roasts

Emily at Under $1000 Per Month not too long ago posted about her Sunday ham dinner which is a tradition in their family. My daughter loves pork. Any form of pork is fine with her -- bacon, chops, ham steak, roast, etc. Pork loin roasts keep going on sale; after all, it's butchering season for many and I live in the country. I was really excited when they were $1.47/lb. I bought 2. One was kept whole for when my parents come to visit in December. The other one was cut in half. I buy them around 4lbs each, so cutting it in half gives me 2 2lb roasts. With a family of just 3 people, this is plenty for 2 meals normally.

When pork went on sale again for $1.57, I bought 1 and sliced it myself into packages of pork loin chops. I was able to get 3 packages of 3 chops each and 1 package of 5 chops, also for when my parents visit. (That ends the pork they will consume while here!) Slicing it myself saved me 10 cents a pound.

Pork loin roasts were on sale again. This time they hit the rock bottom price of $1.37 / lb. I was ecstatic. We really only eat pork once a week at most, but any meat that your family enjoys that you find at $1.50 / lb. or less is worth stocking up. Imagine my excitement when I got to the pork loin roast area, found 2 4lb roasts and then discovered the coupon tear offs for $1 off any fresh pork product. My total for about 8lbs of pork loin roasts was $8.75 or $1.09 / lb.

I am now officially stocked up on pork through December, give or take a couple of weeks.

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  1. Good deal!

    Do you have Marsh Supermarkets near you? Every few weeks they run "pork pack" specials .... usually a half-dozen pork chops, some country ribs and a small roast ... for 98 cents a pound.